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Remote Start & Alarms

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At SAE Customs we offer professional installation of remote starters and alarms. We offer a variety of systems which include one-way, two-way, GPS tracking, and cell phone starting systems. Contact Us with inquiries or to receive a quote for your vehicle.

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Warning Lighting


Looking to grab the attention of another motorist while plowing, roadside, or car show? Well we have the lighting and the installation experience to make it happen! Whether you want a light bar mounted to the roof, hideaway strobes in the headlight housing, or added reverse lights into the bumper, we can do it. Contact Us with any inquiries to get a quote for your vehicle.

Truck Bed

Truck Bed Slide-Outs


Tired of crawling into the bed of your truck to grab tools, gear, or your case of beer? Then we have your problem solved with the installation of a truck bed slide out. No longer will you need to reach or crawl into your pickup or large SUV. You can just reach past the tailgate, flip a lever, and pull out your entire bed or rear storage area. It’s that easy! Contact Us to get a quote for installation on your vehicle.

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