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About Us

Since 2008, SAE Customs has been known for its expertise in the field of municipalities. Whether you need an upgrade to an existing fleet or request cars and SUV's on order to be built, we supply the parts and labor. Brand new vehicles and parts can be built under a full warranty coverage at a starting rate of $5999. We can also strip existing fleet vehicles and reinstall the parts in a new or used vehicle.

With our expertise in municipalities, we have also worked with various fire departments across Illinois and Wisconsin. Whether your rig is older and needs LEDs over strobes, or your fleet has purchased a new Battalion truck, we provide the installs to make the vehicle as reliable as possible. It is our responsibility to make sure that the radios, lights, computers, etc. provide you and your fleet with optimum performance out on the field to protect and serve your local community.

We can repair and install anything electronic on any public works or park district vehicle in your existing fleet. Whether it's a wing plow LED install, a LED lightbar upgrade, or installing radios on loaders and trucks, we can ensure your vehicle will be in pristine condition and back on the road safely.

SAE Customs also offers custom vehicle installations for the everyday driver. From remote start installs, GPS/radio installs, custom lighting for your desired vehicle, or a truck bed slide out, we can provide the parts and labor.

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