We offer the most professional install services in Northern IL. We have worked with many Fire Departments across Illinois and Wisconsin due to our knowledge of installs. Whether you have an older rig that needs LEDs over strobes, or your fleet just purchased a brand new Battalion truck, we have the installers that will make your rig as reliable as possible. We understand that your rig has to be flawless and in working order every moment of everyday to help people in need. This is a priority in our eyes and we can guarantee that you will be impressed with our custom installations.


When it comes to laying out the rig, we meet with you to go over your views. It is our job to make sure that radios, lights, computers, etc. give you and your fleet optimum performance with little force. Every aspect of use is taken into consideration giving you confidence that your fleet will be ready for any scenario.

To book an appointment with an SAE representative to go over your fleet installation, Contact Us today! Our expertise awaits!